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Typical Consulting/Expert Witness Phases

  1. Pre-Fact Finding
    • Original Petition/Amended Complaints
    • Motion for Summary Judgment, Responses, Rulings
    • Ongoing Discussions with Counsel and Client
    • Applicable Legal Standards and supporting case law
  2. Facts Produced to Date
    • Interrogatories
    • Document productions
    • Deposition summaries/financial and economic extracts
    • Business Records Production Analysis
    • Preliminary Analyses/Studies
    • Impressions/Observations
  3. Fact Finding (based upon provided documents)
    • Need for additional documents
    • Need for additional facts and information
    • Research: industry, geography, economics, etc.
    • Deposition reviews and analyses
    • Updated analysis of business records production
    • Updated preliminary analyses
    • Coordinating with other experts
  4. Forensic Modeling and Relevant Sensitivity Analyses
  5. Tentative and Preliminary Report with supporting Exhibits
  6. Completion of Written Report and Exhibits, if requested
  7. Evaluation of Other Party's / Expert's reports
  8. Possible supplementation/amendments to Report/Opinions/Exhibits
  9. Deposition preparation and testimony, if required
  10. Trial Exhibits
  11. Mediation and/or Settlement Assistance / Attendance
  12. Trial: Preparation and Testimony
  13. Post Trial